Handcrafted Steel Bicycles

We love to ride fast, and that is the mythos from which each one of our fully-custom handcrafted frames is born. Our roots go back to the early era of BMX and have grown up through crit-racing, mountain biking, cyclocross and onward to exploring local trails and back roads. The journey continues…

Each one of our frames is a well-honed tool for the job it was designed for. It is not only fitted to you to feel like an old friend, it is designed to elevate your riding to the next level. We work in steel because the material is alive, it speaks to you. Steel smooths out the rough stuff and puts the power down when you need it to. We spec tubes and frame parts designed specifically for each frame to get the maximum out of each frame.

We take pride in building some of the finest handcrafted steel frames, and look forward to building your dream bike.

Thanks for checking us out.

Ken Bloomer