The name means ‘Lawnmower’, but you will do a lot more than just cut the grass, you’ll shred lines and the competition with this purebred ‘cross racer. ‘Cross proven geometry and oversized steel tubing make for a confident racer that will have you out of the saddle charging forward and railing covers like never before. Elegantly curved stays not only look nice, but add much needed clearance for mud and debris. Whether you are ripping down some local trails or fish-tailing out of the pits at your local ‘cross race, the Rasemaeher likes to hang it all out.


Frames start off at 2850 EUR with ENVE fork & Chris King headset and full-custom builds are available.


  • 44mm head tube
  • ENVE CX Disc fork w/ 12mm axel
  • Stainless BB and Dropouts
  • Disc Brakes
  • Chris King headset


  • Electronic Shifting
  • X12 rear dropouts
  • Custom Paint